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A Pioneer in film subtitling in Israel since 1956. Today Cinematyp is a leading studio for film, video, television and new media 

Cinematyp is recognized for its exceptional quality and cost-effective translasions, subtitling and post-production technical services. 


Our staff of professional translators, subtitlers, technicians and  editors all are committed to rendering products of the highest standard. 


With services such as translation and subtitling over 20 languages,

it's not surprising that our client portfolio includes the best known names in international and local film distribution, TV production and broadcasters.


- Translation and subtitling services.

- Transcription for hearing impaired.

- Post-production editing services.

- Digital Restoration for film and video materials


- Technical services such as: DCP, Blu Ray and DVD Mastering


-Subtitled video files for broadcast and web (Vimeo, Youtube).

-Subtitle Files For Avid, Premier, and Final Cut.

- A web portal for our customers for proof-reading subtitles in sync with a video reference.. 

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